Aprilaire Humidifier, 24V Drainless Whole House Humidifier w/ Auto Digital Control .7 Gallons/hr Gift, Baby, NewBorn, Child

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  • The Aprilaire 400 Automatic Humidifier replaces the, now discontinued, Model 400A
  • The Aprilaire 400 Automatic Humidifier includes the Model 60 digital control with blower activation
  • Unit is truly automatic when connected to Model 60 Digital Control and, included, outdoor sensor
  • Also Includes: Aprilaire Model 45 water panel, 110V to 24V transformer, and built-in bypass damper
  • This unit eliminates standing water through it's unique design while still delivering 0.70 GPH

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Product Information:About the Aprilaire 400 24V WholeHouse Drainless Humidifier with Automatic Digital ControlAre you tired of dry skin, splitting or cracking on your hard wood floors or trouble breathing in your home? These can all be signs of a lack of moisture within your airflow, meaning that you and your family will benefit from the Aprilaire 400 24V WholeHouse Drainless Humidifier with Automatic Digital Control. This state of the art humidifier utilizes gravity to pull water in and disperse it into the air, utilizing 100 percent of water to add moisture to your air.Efficient OperationBy evaporating up to 0.7 gallons of water per hour, yoursquo;ll never have to experience the discomfort of dry air again Best of all, the wide ranging effects of this device can reach all rooms in a tightly constructed home of up to 4,000 square feet If you are all about water conservation or live in an area where standing water can become a problem, donrsquo;t wait another day to get the Aprilaire 400 24V WholeHouse Drainless Humidifier with Automatic Digital Control. It not only recycles water cleanly into the air, but can help eliminate water where draining is not available.Home amp; Health BenefitsBy maintaining a proper level of humidity you can improve your respiratory health, and avoid costly repairs on areas of your home that can be affected by dry weather (paint, molding, weather stripping, etc.). Keeping your Aprilaire humidifier maintained allows it to perform at optimal levels.Minimal MaintenanceThe Aprilaire 400 Dehumidifier does not require much maintenance at all. You should visually inspect the unit every 500 hours, more frequently during heavy use. Inspect the plumbing and water lines for cracks or leaks and replace as needed. The one item that does require to be replaced is the water panel. The water panel should be replaced annually during regular use, and every six months during heavy use.

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