High Chair Seat Belt / Strap / Harness / Hi- Q replacement for Graco HighChair


    • These Harness Straps will work perfectly as replacement straps for Graco Highchair. You might even like it better than the original ones that you need to replace.
    • 1. Single push button release
    • 2. Easy to install, very easy to click together and just as easy to release,
    • 3. Option not to use shoulder straps,
    • loops quickly connect and disconnect

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    How does this attach? The end of the straps are shaped like this ( T ). It folds over on itself so it is shaped like this ( 1 ) and you slip it through the slots of the highchair (5 slots that go through both the padding and the chair itself) then give it a light tug, it will then be back in the shape of this T and preventing it from pulling back thru. Note: This will not work with the old fashion highchairs that do not have the 5 slots/slits (whatever we call it) on the highchair that will accommodate these harness.

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