Natural Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit - Enso Fertility Combo Kit with 25 Ovulation Tests + 10 Pregnancy Tests

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  • Save 75% over drug store brands like Clear Blue Easy and First Response without compromising on quality
  • Ovulation tests predict your 3 most fertile days of the month with 99.9% accuracy
  • Pregnancy tests are highly sensitive and also 99.9% accurate
  • Kit provides a 4-5 month supply
  • Comes in a convenient resealable and reusable water resistant pouch

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Product Description

Trying to conceive can be a very exciting and potentially stressful time for couples. These tests take the guesswork out timing conception by pinpointing a woman's most fertile days of the month. The Enso Fertility Ovulation test measures the rapid rise of luteinizing hormones (LH) in a woman's body, also known as an LH surge. An LH surge occurs naturally and triggers ovulation (the release of an egg cell) within 24-36 hours. Male sperm must fertilize the egg within 24 hours of ovulation for a pregnancy to occur. These ovulation tests help couples accurately time intercourse so they can achieve a pregnancy. The ovulation tests also help women tune into their natural fertility cues. Once a positive result occurs, women can pay attention to other factors, such as cervical mucus production and basal body temperature to get a better understanding of their bodies during peak fertility days. The Enso Fertility Ovulation tests are 99.9% accurate and FDA approved. The Enso Fertility Pregnancy Test detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in urine. The pregnancy test strips are 99.9% accurate and FDA approved. The sensitivity of the Enso Fertility pregnancy test allows you to take the test as early as 5 days before your missed period, however it is recommended to begin testing on the first day of your missed period. It is normal for the amount of hCG in womens' bodies to vary. Some women will have detectable levels of hCG earlier than others leading to a positive result sooner.

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