Outlet covers plug for electrical socket covers,from All4baby. 36 Pcs.BUY NOW.

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  • All4baby present the ultimate outlet plugs to protect your baby from electrical hazards.
  • These outlet covers are a necessity for anyone with kids.
  • Easy to inatall, easy to remove, just visit our site A L L 4 B A B Y . C O to see the video.
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Product Detail

Product Description

***Is your baby safety important to you?***

Are you not tired of worrying all the time?

All4baby present the ultimate outlet plugs that prevent Serious electrical injuries from your baby.

must be used on open socket.

~All4bay outlet plugs solves all your electrical worries~

Design Suitable for U.S.A socket.

Easy to install.

Our extra tight child protecting fit makes sure the caps stay where you put them.

Specially designed to go unnoticed by children, the clear color of the plug covers blend in well with room decor.

• What do you recive?

★ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee✔

★ Peace of mind✔

★ 36 - outlet plugs

★ Two-year warranty✔

These outlet plugs are a necessity for anyone with kids

So don't waste any second and start taking child safety seriously!!!!

★ The price will go up, so don't miss your chance -

and click the buy now button!

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