ShowerMaxx Premium Cloth Diaper Sprayer - Adjustable Handheld Toilet Bidet Water Cleaner - Complete Set with Hose, T-Valve, Tank/Wall Mount & Plumber's Tape - Polished Chrome - Easy to Install & Use

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  • ►THE END TO CLOTH DIAPER CLEANING MESS! - Using cloth diapers is a thoughtful, eco-friendly choice but cleaning them can be a real headache. Well, not anymore! ShowerMaxx's cloth diaper sprayer is here to save the day!
  • ►CLEAN WITH ONE HAND! - Our cloth diaper sprayer's one-hand ergonomic design allows you to clean the diapers quickly and easily, and the smooth, steady water pressure from its polished chrome nozzle washes away any mess without over spraying or leaking!
  • ►FULLY COMPLETE, EASY TO INSTALL KIT! - You do not need to be technically inclined in order to set up your diaper sprayer; it comes with all necessary accessories so that you can install it effortlessly in a matter of minutes!
  • ►SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A DIAPER SPRAYER! - You can also use it as a toilet seat cleaner, a bidet sprayer, a tub, shower, sink or faucet washer or even as a water hose to give your dog a good wash!
  • ►100% PERFECTLY SAFE PURCHASE! - We are fairly certain that once you try our toilet sprayer set, you will love it. That is why we offer you a full money-back guarantee in case you don't - AND a lifetime unlimited warranty as well!

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Product Description

Clean Cloth Diapers Quickly, Easily and with More Efficiency!

Keep babies happy and healthier and reduce the stress of cleaning cloth diapers with a premium diaper sprayer from ShowerMaxx!

When it comes keeping your baby happy and healthy, while also supporting an ecofriendly environment, cloth diapers are a smart choice parents everywhere are making. They're safer on skin, save parents money, and they're reusable. The only problem is that they can be hard (and annoying) to clean. That's why we created the ShowerMaxx Diaper Sprayer; an all-in-one bidet you can attach to your toilet to make cleaning out diapers or washing bottoms quick, easy and efficient!

Healthy, Ecofriendly Clean

A quick, easy installation, each diaper sprayer comes with all the hardware you need to attach it to the tank or wall. What's more, the efficiency sprayer offers a firm, steady stream that doesn't cause overspray or messy extended cleanup. Great for your babies and adults alike, staying cleaner is easier than ever. Get one for your own bathroom or give them as a gift for a baby shower; everyone will love their versatility!

Product Details:

  • All-in-One Diaper Spray System
  • No Overspray for Improved Efficiency
  • Promotes More Sanitary Bathrooms
  • Quick, Easy, Simple Installation
  • Includes Sprayer, Hose, T-Valve, and Teflon Tape

Click 'Add to Cart' to get the ShowerMaxx diaper sprayer and you're your baby and their diapers cleaner with an efficient bidet system.

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