Triple Wash Gentle Diaper Rash Formula Tear-Free, 8 Ounce (Pack of 3)

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  • Gentle Tear-Free Diaper Rash Formula for the Bath
  • Triple Wash treats and prevents diaper rash right in baby's bath
  • Great when used as a preventative measure
  • Triple Wash can be used for babies and older children with sensitive skin
  • Calms the redness, burning, and irritation caused by diaper rash

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Product Description

All diaper rash creams and ointments direct you to thoroughly clean the diaper area before applying in order to achieve the best healing results. Specifically formulated for this crucial cleansing step, Triple Wash gentle diaper rash bath formula initiates the healing process for diaper rash by removing irritants and providing relief right in the tub. It's safe and gentle for babies, even those who show symptoms of diaper rash. In addition to calming the redness, burning, and irritation caused by diaper rash, Triple Wash can be used solely as a premium-quality shampoo and body wash for babies and even older children with sensitive skin, keeping skin and hair healthy and glowing. Triple Wash isn't just about reducing and eliminating current diaper rash symptoms-it's skin care that comes full circle, along with prevention, daily comfort, and cleansing.

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